Loimaan kivi - Veistos


Loimaan Kivi has a long tradition of working with sculptors. Through history the memorials of important persons have been sculptured in stone. Loimaan Kivi’s consummate professionals can translate an artist’s vision into Finnish granite.

”I don’t look at rock merely as a material.
The fact that is lasts forever influences how I work with it and how I approach it.
I am fascinated by how time-consuming and difficult it is to work stone.
What you remove is gone forever.”

Matti Peltokangas


Loimaan kivi - KAYIWA

Every small object or utility item carved from stone is a work of art. Today we increasingly work together with designers from various specialties, interior designers, landscape architects and interior decorators who have a product they have designed that they want carved into stone or want a unique product for a client.

“Finnish granite is multifaceted and aesthetically interesting.

It’s filled with possibilities, waiting to be found.”

Lincoln Kayiwa