Maintenance service

Comprehensive and regular maintenance of headstones



Our maintenance agreements come in three different levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level contains a regular maintenance check by a professional, as well as a comprehensive insurance against vandalism and theft.

You can also separately order maintenance work from us:

  • New text
  • Refurbishing old text
  • Uprighting headstones
  • Headstone washing

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Bronze: 29 €/year

Our maintenance service means you do not need to separately visit the grave to see if the headstone is okay. Visit the grave only when it suits you. This way, you’ll save time, trouble and travel fees. Additionally, you will not need to separately ask a professional opinion on what maintenance needs the headstone has. We will take care of everything.

Our insurance against vandalism and theft fully cover the often-expensive costs of repairing or replacing a headstone. Your only cost in the case of an accident is a 150 € deductible. You might save thousands of euros, depending on the cost of the headstone.


Silver: 59 €/year

Silver contains all the services of Bronze, as well as a Perpetual uprighting guarantee.

A headstone can with time start to lean due to the earth around the headstone compacting, roots growing, another grave being dug et cetera. Also, the type of earth, weather conditions and the foundation have an effect.

Stone is a heavy material and even a small tilt can be dangerous for people working at the cemetery or other people near the grave. This is also why it is best to leave the uprighting to professionals. If the stone falls, it might break or hurt people.

To upright a headstone is always the responsibility of the registered grave owner. We will upright headstones professionally using a crane as well as other tools. This ensures the stone is safely made upright again.


Gold: 149 €/year

Gold level includes all services from bronze and silver, as well as Headstone washing and Text refurbishment.

The service includes washing the headstone every third year by a professional with the correct tools, without harming the headstone or the environment. Thanks to careful and regular washing, the headstone will remain beautiful and stylish for long.

Additionally, the service includes refurbishing the text every six years. We make sure the inscriptions and engravings are maintained every six years. As a gold-level client, you can also get additional inscriptions with a 25 % discount.


Maintenance check:
We check the shape of the headstone every year, and let you know if it requires maintenance.

Insurance against vandalism and theft:
Gives peace of mind. If something happens to your headstone, we will replace it.

Perpetual uprighting guarantee:
The earth freezing and thawing can lead to the headstone tilting or falling. We will safely and professionally upright your headstone.

Headstone washing:
As time goes by, your headstone will get dirty. We will clean your headstone at regular intervals.

Refurbishing text:
Any text will wear out and fade with time. We make sure your text remains intact.